Amazon’s $11 billion bet on sports streaming

Simon Owens
2 min readMay 11, 2022


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Amazon is making a $11 billion bet on streaming live sports. [Insider]

This will result in a lot of Amazon Prime signups, but I doubt it’ll be very profitable. Sports broadcasting rights are just so inflated because of the economics of the cable bundle, where non-sports watchers unwillingly subsidize cable channels like ESPN.

Why media companies don’t partner up on bundled subscriptions very often [Simon Owens]

Why don’t publishers team up and offer bundled subscriptions more often? There are a lot of logistical hurdles to doing so.

The company formerly known as Gawker Media is once again profitable. [Adweek]

There was a long and winding road that got the company to this point, including multiple acquisitions and lots of conflict with its newsrooms.

How investment newsletter The Daily Upside reached 300,000 subscribers [Simon Owens]

How do you go from zero to over 300,000 newsletter subscribers in a little over two years? For The Daily Upside, it certainly helped to form a partnership with an already-established financial news publication.

The Guardian pivots to newsletters [Press Gazette]

“The Guardian’s main focus in the coming months is to shift more of its newsletter portfolio from being automated or curated newsletters with a brief summary of the news, to more dedicated, in-depth newsletters featuring original reporting and analysis.”



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