Bloomberg has over 450,000 paying subscribers

Simon Owens
1 min readDec 2, 2022

It charges around $400 a year, so that’s $180 million in annual subscription revenue:

You may have heard that in Q3 we announced important, new elements to our audience-first business strategy shift, charting the course for a modern digital experience for users and brand partners. In the coming year, we’re ending open-market third-party programmatic ad sales to our audience on, we’ve already introduced a new suite of first-party ad targeting products called Audience Accelerator, and we’re working hard on tightening our value proposition and improving our user experience. The teams have also launched smarter ways to better onboard and engage users this year, including the launch of our registration strategy, allowing us to leverage critical first-party to personalize the experience for our audience and provide precision targeting for our advertising partners.

Our most important segment of users, subscribers now total more than 450,000, accelerated by the enterprise subscriptions business started earlier this year. And we continue to find new ways to increase the number of “modern leaders” we connect with across all platforms and all regions of the world.