Dear reporters: stop referring to Chuck Johnson as a “troll.” He’s a white supremacist, and he’s now directly tied to Donald Trump’s campaign.

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The Daily Beast has published a story confirming that Chuck Johnson, who once wrote for “mainstream” conservative outlets but now primarily publishes to his own blog, paid for one of the women to attend Donald Trump’s press conference stunt prior to Sunday’s debate. It’s a great piece of reporting, but for only one problem: It refers, as many outlets do, to Johnson as a “troll” instead of what he actually is: a white supremacist.

By just labeling Johnson a “notorious troll” news organizations are doing their readers a disservice. Johnson is a white supremacist. Johnson repeatedly posts about how white people have superior intelligence to other races. “Unlike the neocons we take Occam’s Razor seriously on race on the alt right,” he wrote on his blog. “Maybe blacks and Arabs are more violent? Could Jews and Asians actually be smarter?”

He’s on record saying that black people were better off under Jim Crow laws.

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He often uses racial slurs when discussing them. He’s at the forefront of smearing every single unarmed black person who gets shot by police, often by completely making up unconfirmed claims. He was permanently banned from Twitter because he threatened a black civil rights leader. So please, stop f*#$&@g calling Chuck Johnson a “troll.” He’s a white supremacist. And he’s working directly with Trump’s campaign. That should be a major headline at every news website right now.

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