Ernie, I think you’re being a little too generous here. If I were trying to be incredibly gracious I would say that Mediaite is fairly good at repackaging other people’s content — usually the content created by cable news outlets. That’s about the best thing I can say about it; that it’s good at stealing other people’s work.

If I wanted to be extremely critical of it (which I do), I’d say that Mediaite plays host to a bunch of third-rate, trigger happy columnists who post uninformed opinions meant to whip their mouth-breathing commenters into a froth. When I read the column you mentioned I immediately unfollowed all their accounts on social media. It had finally gone too far. That the site would allow such a piece of thinly-veiled racism get published shows that Dan Abrams doesn’t give a shit about the media, journalism, or any of the other ideals that he cited as reasons for launching the site in the first place.

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