Glenn, when people criticize you for doing Tucker Carlson hits, it’s within the context of you playing into his narrative of attacking both the media and Democrats. I don’t think that’s comparable to Barack Obama or Chuck Schumer going on to defend their agendas.

You used to rail against Fox News’s penchant for using token liberals as a means to bash the Left. For instance here’s what you wrote about Kirsten Powers back in 2006:

With those premises in place, I want to respond specifically to one of the posts written yesterday based on the “understanding” that I advocated outing — this one, by “liberal” Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers. One of the tactics which Fox News innovated and then perfected was to cast the appearance of ideological “balance” by featuring carefully chosen “liberals” who are either: (a) quite stupid, (b) extremely annoying, © the embodiment of the worst stereotypes of liberals, and/or (d) driven by the primary goal in life of being patted on the head by Bush followers for being one of the “good, sensible liberals” and who consequently spends most of their on-air time praising Bush followers as wonderful, brilliant, patriotic Americans and bashing the “bad liberals” to show that they one of the good ones.

It’s the Susan Estrich/Joe Klein Model, and that’s the role Kirsten Powers has eagerly assumed — she goes on Bill O’Reilly and giggles with him and Michelle Malkin about all the crazy and radical liberals that hurt the Democratic Party, praises Bush followers for how tough they are on terrorism, etc. etc. And her posts are frequently cited by right-wing blogs with the prefix: “even-liberal-Kirsten-Powers-finds-this-behavior-disgusting.”

Can’t you at least acknowledge that Carlson is using you in a similar way, to bash his ideological opponents and, the moment your segment is over, go back to his disingenuous, intellectually dishonest, and obsequious coverage of a president who is even more autocratic than George W?

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