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I’ve covered the digital content business for outlets that include US News & World Report, The Atlantic, Scientific American, New York Magazine, and Harvard’s Nieman Lab. Thousands of industry professionals read my newsletter and listen to my podcast. I’ve also spent over a decade consulting with Fortune 500 brands to develop their digital content and social media strategies, and I’ve conducted PR campaigns that resulted in client coverage at the world’s largest blogs and news outlets.

I can leverage this experience to develop a content strategy for your brand and ensure that this content reaches the influencers and target demographics within your industry. Please review my offered services below and don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

Content strategy

Many of my clients come to me with the intent to invest in digital content but without knowing how they should allocate that investment. Should they create articles, white papers, video, or podcasts? How can they differentiate their content offerings within their business niche? Who should they hire to create this content? How do they develop an audience across social media, newsletters, and search engines?

To answer these questions, I provide the following:

Public Speaking/In-Person Staff Training

Perhaps you want your entire staff trained on social media and content marketing best practices. Or you’re organizing an event where you need someone to speak on marketing, content, or digital media. I can prepare a presentation and talk that’s tailored to your needs.

Freelance Journalism

As a journalist, I’ve written feature-length articles for The Atlantic, New York magazine, Politico, Scientific American, Forbes,, and US News & World Report. I can file articles on a freelance basis for your news organization. I can write analysis pieces (check out this article for New York magazine) or feature-length articles (check out this article for Scientific American). I specialize in writing about technology and media, but I can cover a variety of subjects.

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