How Instagram discriminates against photographers

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Editor’s note: Hi there Medium readers! I’m Simon Owens and I’m a journalist who writes about the media industry and Creator Economy. Below is my weekly roundup of links to industry news. Enjoy!

Instagram shares revenue with video creators but not still photographers. Why? Is there something inherent in still photography that makes it non-valuable?

(this is a rhetorical question. I believe Instagram should share revenue with all its creators).

Would 2020 Simon be satisfied with the present day audience size of his media business?

Amazon became an advertising behemoth in just a few years. Now Microsoft is poised to do the same.

Man, Hank Green did an excellent job of calling bullshit on Instagram’s claims that it wants to “figure out a way” to help creators making a living.

VCs are investing in media again, only now they’re making lots of small bets through holding companies rather than dumping hundreds of millions of dollars onto a single outlet.



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