How Instagram discriminates against photographers

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Editor’s note: Hi there Medium readers! I’m Simon Owens and I’m a journalist who writes about the media industry and Creator Economy. Below is my weekly roundup of links to industry news. Enjoy!

How Instagram discriminates against photographers [Insider]

Instagram shares revenue with video creators but not still photographers. Why? Is there something inherent in still photography that makes it non-valuable?

(this is a rhetorical question. I believe Instagram should share revenue with all its creators).

Assessing the success of my newsletter [Simon Owens]

Would 2020 Simon be satisfied with the present day audience size of his media business?

Microsoft is building a massive ad business [Digiday]

Amazon became an advertising behemoth in just a few years. Now Microsoft is poised to do the same.

Instagram should share revenue with its creators [Hank Green]

Man, Hank Green did an excellent job of calling bullshit on Instagram’s claims that it wants to “figure out a way” to help creators making a living.

Recurrent Ventures raises $300 million [WSJ]

VCs are investing in media again, only now they’re making lots of small bets through holding companies rather than dumping hundreds of millions of dollars onto a single outlet.




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Simon Owens

Simon Owens

Tech and media journalist. Email me:

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