Like most Tracey content, this one is poorly argued, fails to cite examples, and ignores a massive amount of counter evidence. There’s been vicious criticism from the Left directed toward the New York Times and NPR in just the last few days. The idea that the Left doesn’t criticize CNN is laughable. It was constant hounding from the Left that finally led to Jeffrey Lord’s firing.

Tracey’s entire existence is based on normalizing Trump. Here he’s conflating the Left’s defense of the free press against a wannabe dictator’s attacks on it and “press worship.” Tracey tries to shield himself from criticism of his Trump normalization by positioning his arguments as coming from the Left, but his writing always just happens to align with every right wing pundit from Sean Hannity all the way down to Bill Mitchell.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind the world that Tracey’s most infamous moment came when he accused liberal Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a frequent target of Trump’s racist attacks, of assaulting him. Later video emerged showing this to be a complete lie. That Tracey wasn’t forever shamed from the journalism profession after that is a testament to the low barrier for entry that allows just about anyone to call themselves a “journalist.”

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