Medium needs more prominent bylines

Every social network has some kind of value proposition that allows its users to justify creating free content for its platform. Facebook allows you to connect and broadcast to your friends. Twitter allows you broadcast to your work network and other followers within your field/niche. Medium provides a way for you to broadcast longer thoughts, and you post to it instead of your own website because it offers a built-in network that theoretically allows your content to spread more easily. But if I’m using Medium to engage in thought leadership, then I want my name to be more prominently displayed so I can actually benefit when a post of mine goes viral. Right now there’s only a tiny hovering byline on the bottom lefthand corner and then another one once a reader reaches the end of my piece. That means if a reader doesn’t make it all the way to the end and isn’t trained to look in the lefthand corner then I don’t receive any credit for my (free) labor. Medium should make the hovering byline and profile photo larger and place it at the top lefthand side instead of the bottom.

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