This journalist had the perfect response to stupid headlines

Dear reporters and editors;

Can you please stop using the phrase “perfect response” in your headlines? It’s perfectly stupid and unoriginal.

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In all seriousness, I think there is a pernicious downside to the current trend in hyperbolic headlines, in that many of them over-promise for what will be found in the article and then under-deliver once that person actually clicks into it. We’re creating a general distrust of headlines that will lead to many of them being outright ignored. According to statistics released by Facebook, there are 1,500 posts produced a day by your friends on the social network. When you add in the number of social media posts produced on the other platforms you use (Twitter, Pinterest, etc…), then you have a concept of the overwhelming deluge of headlines that most news consumers must consider on a given day. Journalists, by resorting to lowest-common-denominator headlines, are further degrading the news reading experience, and doing so at the expense of the entire journalism industry.

Just stop it.

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