Almost made it through the entire day without realizing that it’s been exactly two years since I quit my job and went off on my own. This is technically the longest I’ve ever worked for a single employer. It’s really weird to think that it’s been two years since I’ve gone into an office or had a boss.

There are definitely days I miss having coworkers. And having to pay the full $360 in monthly health insurance premiums isn’t fun. But there are certainly a few freedoms I enjoy — being able to start work whenever I feel like it. Not having to ask permission when I need to take a Friday or an afternoon off. Not having to wear clothes.

Best of all, at the beginning of the year I restructured my client work so that it all takes place Monday through Thursday. This way, I get to spend every Friday working on my own reporting projects. So far this year I’ve published over 20,000 words of new longform journalism AND I got to launch a new newsletter that recommends podcasts.

Would I ever go back to working at a traditional job? A part of me definitely would like the opportunity to work with a team again. But for now, I like where I am, and there are definitely a few more entrepreneurial projects I have up my sleeve.

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