What I did to fight Trumpism this week

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Every Friday I fight Trumpism. I start by donating to a cause that advocates for good. I then contact government representatives to urge them to either oppose or support policies I consider important.

For this week’s donation I gave to the campaign of Archie Parnell, a Democrat running in a South Carolina special election on June 20. His chances of winning are low, but as we saw in both Kansas and Montana, we can get the GOP to waste millions of dollars playing defense in Red districts that they should easily be winning.

I also contacted the office of Senator Dean Heller. According to CAP’s Topher Spiro, “several GOP Senators have privately said this recess is the test — if they get blowback at home, they’ll tell McConnell it’s over.” Here’s what I wrote to Heller:

Dear Senator Heller,

I’m calling on you to reject the GOP’s efforts to repeal Obamacare in favor of the inadequate, cruel replacement bill passed by the House. According to the CBO, passing the bill will result in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance will destabilize the individual insurance market.

Instead, your focus should be on improving the ACA. Fund the CSR payments, install a public option, improve the subsidies, expand Medicaid in all states, and strengthen the mandate penalty. Health policy experts have all agreed that these simple steps would stabilize the insurance markets and expand insurance to millions more of Americans.

Your failure to act on these requests will result in me donating to canvassing for your opponent in the next election.


Want to help fight Trumpism too?

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Pick a day of the week as your Fight Trumpism Day. That way, you always have a day set aside so you have no excuses to put it off. At most you’ll need to devote an hour a week to fighting Trumpism. My day is Friday.
  2. Create a spreadsheet with two tabs. The first tab is for your donations. The second is for contacting your representatives. For the donations tag, track the organization, the issue it stands for, the donation amount, and the date you donated. On the contact your representatives tab, track the issue you’re contacting about, the representative you’re contacting (often it’ll be your local representative or the head of a congressional committee), and the date you contacted them.
  3. For every Fight Trumpism Day, make your donation and contact your representative and then record it in the spreadsheet. I’d say you should donate the same amount every week. Even if it’s only $10, it will add up to $2,000 by the end of Trump’s four years. You will have also contacted your representatives 200 times.
  4. After you’ve done these things, post about it on social media (like I’m doing here) in order to inspire others. Let’s say we got 10,000 other people to do this who weren’t doing it before; that would mean $20 million in donations and 2 million phone calls to representatives during Trump’s term. That kind of impact would be yuuggee. Get to it!

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