What I did to fight Trumpism this week

Every Friday I fight Trumpism. I start by donating to a cause that advocates for good. I then contact government representatives to urge them to either oppose or support policies I consider important.

For this week’s donation I gave to Save the Children, an organization that provides crucial supplies and support to Syrian refugees. Donald Trump’s administration has drafted an executive order that would block Syrian refugees from entering the United States. This is an atrocious reversal of the longstanding agreement between Western nations that we have a duty to absorb refugees from war-torn nations. To donate to Save the Children, go here.

I also contacted the office of Rodney Frelinghuysen, Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, to urge him to reject Trump’s proposal to withdraw funding for the arts and public broadcasting. Here’s the language I used:

“Dear Congressman Frelinghuysen,

I’m writing this letter to urge you to reject Donald Trump’s proposals to defund programs like the National Endowment for the Arts and Corporation for Public Broadcasting. These programs not only provide important services for disadvantaged communities, but they make up an infinitesimally small portion of the federal budget.

If you do help in defunding these programs, I vow to donate to your opponents in future elections.

Sincerely, Simon Owens”

Want to help fight Trumpism too?

Here are the steps you can follow:

Tech and media journalist. Email me: simonowens@gmail.com

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