Why it makes me so angry that Trump stiffs his workers

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As someone who’s self-employed, I know what it’s like when a client tries to change the terms of the agreement after the fact or just outright refuse to pay after months of excuses (you know who you are). Most people reading this likely have full-time jobs with steady salaries, so you don’t understand the agony of someone holding thousands of dollars hostage from you. Salaried people often counter with “well why don’t you just sue them?” as if all you have to do is simply go fill out an online form and PRESTO, they’re now forced to pay you your money. But it’s not that simple or easy, and every now and then you just have to finally eat the costs yourself. You, who operated in good faith for someone who took advantage of that good faith.

Trump has built his fortune on the backs of workers he never paid. He wants to pretend like he cares about the American worker. If he did, he’d start by making his own workers whole.

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